Personal and Business

Capture the essence of your brand with a professional branding photography session! Elevate your online presence and tell your unique story through stunning visuals. From personal branding, and business images. Specialize in creating eye-catching content tailored to showcase your brand identity or business. Book your session today and let your brand stand out from the crowd!

Character Portraits

Character portraits are personality-driven images that refer to creating portraits of individuals that are more soulful and can capture and reflect their unique personality traits, characteristics, and emotions. Instead of just focusing on physical appearance, the artist delves deeper into understanding the subject's personality, interests, passions, and experiences. This is where we can get creative showcasing your personality and hobbies in a session.  


We're living in a world where every moment is captured in a photo, but how many of those moments are truly remembered? In our Milestone portrait sessions, I go beyond capturing just a moment - we create lasting memories that truly stand out. Whether it's a graduation, engagement, sports, anniversary, or any other milestone, we can capture the essence of your journey in timeless images that you'll cherish for years to come. Let me help you transform fleeting moments into unforgettable memories with our expertly crafted Milestone portrait sessions.

Matt Ridgell, Portrait Photographer


At Matt Ridgell Photo my mission goes beyond just taking pictures—it's about evoking emotional responses and showcasing the true essence of individuals. I believe that every person has a story to tell, and through my lens, I aim to capture those moments of authenticity and vulnerability that reveal a piece of who they truly are. My goal is to create timeless portraits that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impact, celebrating the beauty of human diversity and connection.

I'm not here to take pictures, I'm here to make pictures.

— Matt Ridgell